Online Exam Instructions
  • Please appear for the applicable test(s) by going to and logging in using your Login ID and Password.
  • Please note that Login ID and Password will remain same for Mock test and Final exams. This will be shared on email and SMS.
  • How to take assessment:
    1. Open URL https: //
    2. Login with your login credentials (Login ID & Password)
    3. Click on continue, read the instructions carefully and Click on the Start Test button to start the test
    4. Start attempting the questions. Once you have answered all the questions, click on the “End Test” button to submit your test
  • Please read the following instructions thoroughly before you start the examination:
    1. Please note that the student will be allowed to take the exam as per the allocated subject
    2. Students are required to have a Laptop/desktop with an internet connection.
    3. Please note that Laptops / Desktops with Windows OS- Windows 7 and above are preferred. Students using Laptop with MAC OS should open test in safari browser. For candidates taking test on a mobile phone, should use chrome browser on Android Phone but Safari browser on IPhone.
    4. Please make sure that your Laptop is fully charged before appearing for the examination as a measure against unexpected power outages.
    5. All questions are Multiple Choice Questions having single correct option.
    6. Each question carry 1 marks.
    7. Test duration – 60 mins. Specially Abled Students are allowed 20 mins more for examination. Attempt any 50 questions, Max marks for exam is 50.
    8. Use of calculator allowed.
    9. Please make sure you make the final submission only after completing the examination. You will be asked to confirm in case you accidentally try submitting the examination before the completion of the duration. Please note that once you make the final submission, you will not be able to take up the examination again.
    10. In case of complete Internet failure, submission will not be possible & the test will have to be rescheduled. In case of temporary internet outage please wait for some time and try to resubmit the test.
    11. If internet speed is unreasonably slow, images and tables in the question may take little longer to appear.
    12. In case if you are facing any technical issues during the examination, please reach out to below Wheebox Support team or SPPU Support team.
  • Contact number- 9319368481